Arusha Town, Tanzania

Arusha town is the Safari base town in Northern Tanzania. This is where all the classic  Safaris in Tanzania starts so it is the geatway town to Safari in the Northern Circuit of Tanzania.

A small town of approximately 600000 inhabitants Arusha town is the Capital of the Arusha region; one of the most popular and inhabited regions of Tanzania. The region is bordered by Kilimanjaro region.

The Population of Arusha town is mostly cosmopolitan with Africans being the majority. The major religion is Christianity with a small percentage of Muslims and Hindus from mostly the arab and Indian communities.

The most famous features of Arusha town is the Clock tower that is the Center of Africa and midway of the highway from Capetown to Cairo.

Another most important landmark is the Arusha International Center that habours the International Criminal Tribunal on Rwandas Genocide.

Others are The Museum; Arusha declaration and the Mount Meru. Arusha town is located on the foot of Mount Meru and has very stunning views of the mountain from the middleof the town.

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