19 facts about Tanzania and frequently asked questions that you will find very helpful before you travel to Tanzania for your African Safari or climb Kilimanjaro or for beach vacation at Zanzibar.

1. When is the best period to do a safari?

Basically Tanzania can be toured all year round. The only exception is Selous Game Reserve where it is inaccessible during the long rains months of April through may.

The Northern Circuit of Tanzania can be toured all year through. The best season however is the dry months of January to March and also between June through September. October to mid December it is more or less the short rains season but the rains are so periodical and mostly occur during the night thus not hindering safaris whatsoever. The dates between December 20th and January 10th are also peak safari season and no Christmas is as memorable as a safari Christmas!

2. While I am on safari can I have my clothes washed?

Some lodges/tented camps offer supplementary laundry services but most of them charge a small fee for that, and even at the places with complimentary services for laundry; underclothes are excluded. If you are doing a camping safari unfortunately there is no laundry services.

3. Are animals dangerous?

All animals are in the national parks are wild animals. Meaning that they are untamed and un controlled. Some animals are dangerous and a few are not. As a matter of precaution however everyone is supposed to stay in the car and come out of the vehicle only at designated areas. These areas include the Park and Reserve gates where there are offices and at the picnic sites as well as the picnic sites and of course at the lodges/tented camps. Generally animals won’t harm or attack anyone unless provoked and that includes violating the safe distance.

4. Any payment for photography in the national parks?

Not at all! You do not pay anything to take photos of animals and even videos in the national parks. It is however not advisable to take photos of the locals without their consent and permission. In towns it is prohibited to take photos of Government buildings in town and also at the borders. Please ask your guide for guidance always.

5. How can I do with my excess luggage while on safari/ at the mountain?

If you have excess luggage with you during the safari, you can leave it at the lodge/tented camp where you are staying if staying for more than one night. If you are leaving for safari / the mountain and you have excess luggage; we can keep that excess luggage safely in our office.

6. Which type of vehicles do you use for safaris?

We only use 4 x4 safari vehicles, either Land cruisers for safaris. All our vehicles have pop up roof for excellent sightseeing and photography. All our vehicles are also fitted with VHF radios for communication, and all have seat belts. We offer cold water in the vehicles throughout the safari.

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7. Am I supposed to carry my sleeping for a camping safari?

If you are doing a camping safari with us or Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, you need to carry your own sleeping bag. In case you wish to hire from here, please let us know and we shall arrange one for you. Please ask our Sales representative for the prevailing cost.

8. Do you give references for persons who have traveled with you?

Some of our travelers would have no problem if we forwarded their email addresses to any traveler who would like to have a review of their experiences while travelling to Tanzania with us. With consent of a past traveler we can forward their email addresses so that you can contact them on our record in Safari planning.

9. How can one get around while in Tanzania?

Tanzania has a good relatively good network of roads and it is estimated that 75% of the highways in the whole country is built to bitumen standards. Most of the towns in Tanzania has the public taxi vans locally known as Dala dala that are cheap to get around, as well as taxis for hire. It is advisable when taking a taxi for hire to bargain for a good price. For domestic flights in Tanzania please contact us and we shall easily arrange that for you. The Railway line in Tanzania is almost defunct.

For a private safari at Tanzania we arrange all your transport including airport transfers and all domestic flights involved in your safari package.

10. How do we go about booking a safari to Tanzania?

We have a special page that outlines how easy it is to book a safari with us.

11. Can I carry cash money? How Much? What about traveler’s checks?

Travelling with so much money in your pocket in Africa is not the best idea and Tanzania is no exception. We normally recommend that you pay your invoice by money transfer at least 14 days before arrival, and if you need to settle your balance in cash, then it is advisable to pay as soon as you arrive. You will however need some money in Cash either in small USD denominations or Tanzania Shillings while in Tanzania and Kenya Shillings while in Kenya. These will be handy for settling extra bills in lodges ad hotels as well as tipping in the same places. Generally The Us Dollar is widely accepted allover East Africa. Travelers’ checks can also be cashed in most forex bureaus though they are offered a relatively low rate.

12. Should I book my trip well in advance?

Booking a safari in well in advance is always advisable so as to make sure everything is in place to the finer details before your safari starts. It not only ensures that your safari goes well without hitches but also it helps save some money in case hotels revise rates may be for the preceding year. Once a tour is booked and a down payment made; any price rates hikes that may arise for example in Hotels/lodges do not affect the price your tour cost.

13. Can I join other travelers for a safari if I am alone?

Yes of course you can join a group safari with us. Only that you should be aware that Group safaris have no flexibility in Schedule and departure dates as well as route and accommodation. We usually have a departure on Tuesdays and a minimum of two persons is required for a departure. We only sit a maximum of 6 persons in a safari vehicle and guarantee a window seat for all.

14. Internal flights are not included in some of the itineraries. How much do these cost?

If you are booking a tour in Tanzania which involves a domestic / internal flight, we normally include that in the price. However some people may choose to arrange their own domestic flights where possible, depending on the ease of arranging them before arrival. Different internal routes costs differently. Please ask our destination experts for the latest cost of the domestic flight that is involved in your trip in Tanzania.

15. Can children do a safari in Tanzania and Kenya ?

Children are allowed to do a safari. Children do enjoy safaris a lot and we at Tanzania safari Supremacy will always design itineraries specially made for families on request. Although there are some few lodges/tented camps that have restrictions to admission of children to children less than 7 years, most accommodation properties in and around national parks allow Children. Some of them are so welcoming to children that they have family rooms. Properties that do not have family rooms will always be very happy to host families in rooms with interconnecting doors or rooms next to each other. Anytime you need a safari for you and your family, please contact us.

16. Can special dietary needs be catered for ?

We always have different travelers with varying dietary needs and all their needs are catered for at the lodges and tented camps as well as during camping safaris. All you need to do is to notify well in advance and relax as we take care of all the rest.

17. Do I need a Visa to do my safari in Kenya or Tanzania?

Foreigners travelling to Tanzania and Kenya need a visa which can be obtained at the Airports and all border points including seaports. A visa to enter Kenya costs some USD 50 per person, while a visa to Tanzania costs USD 50 per person. American citizens entering Tanzania pay a visa fee of USD 100 per person. Please contact us to inquire if the fees have changed.

18. Can I carry a Suitcase or rucksack for safari?

The latter the better. A Suite case a hard one for that matter would complicate matters if you need to make domestic flights. Please see more on our flights to Tanzania page.

19. What is the Basics of Tipping while on safari?

Tipping is recommended to the safari drivers, to the Safari cook, lodge/tented staff, Mountain guides, mountain porters. Please contact us on current recommended tips.