Tanzania safari tours are superior no doubt about that, no matter what your interests are , or what your budget is or how many times you have been to this Country. The commitment of Tanzania as a nation to wildlife conservation is to the point that more than a quarter of the land mass is set aside for wildlife conservation either as Tanzania National Parks, Conservation Areas like Ngorongoro, Private reserves like Singita, Game Controlled areas like Loliondo and Maswa or the recently formulated community based Wildlife Management Areas like Ikoma and the like. The country is blessed with fabulous natural beauty and it is by no wonder the country boasts of several UNESCO world Heritage sites. All that combined with the charm of the Tanzanian peoples and coupled with the excellent accommodations it is the place to be!

Tanzania safari tours styles

Tanzania safari tours in Tanzania are very variable depending on the visitors interests, because Tanzania allows both photographic as well as Hunting safaris , but we specialize online in the photographic safaris rather than the hunting safaris that are allowed in a select range of game reserves and game controlled areas. We specialize in wildlife safaris which also vary depending on one’s preferred comfort and style, and whatever your needs and ideas are; we make with absolute Perfection. With the help of our excellent professional safari guides we offer unforgettable African Safari holidays ranging from honeymoon trips to Tanzania and Zanzibar, small group safaris for all ages the old and the young taken care of, to the perfect family holidays in Tanzania. In addition to these we organize private tours for those with the special interests yearning for that specific kind of a safari that has emphasis on Bird watching, History and cultural encounter, photography, or trekking in African wilderness with or without the help of donkeys, yes donkeys in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area come in handy in our trekking safaris. We also arrange horseback safaris in Tanzania, Canoe and boat safaris.

Tanzania safari tours
Safari in Tanzania Wildebeests

For most of our safari lovers a Tanzania safari tours involves staying in a mixture of permanent or mobile tented camps and the permanent (non-canvass) lodges. These come in different categories and prices form , the cheapest budget, mid-range, upper mid-range, to standard luxury and even the deluxe or super luxury accommodations. Apart from these lodging safaris we also offer the basic camping safaris in Tanzania.

Our Sample Tanzania safari tours packages

At Tanzania Safari Supremacy we do not offer scheduled departure safaris (once in a while) but we are the best in the field of ‘tailor-made’ tours that we customize according to the needs of the customers but we have a variety of sample itineraries on our websites. Please check some of our most famous safari packages, that can also be customized as well.
For the Basic Safari adventure lovers you can try our 06 days Camping safari in Tanzania , while the family time travelers you can sample out our Two weeks Family safari in Tanzania with Zanzibar Beach extension. Below sample some of our most famous Tanzania safari tours.