Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing is a common dream shared by most trekking and mountaineering enthusiasts around the world. Almost every trekking or hiking lover in the world would love to do a Kili climb once in their lifetime. We at Tanzania Safari Supremacy offer safe Mount Kilimanjaro climbing tours with an incredible success rate of at least 95%.

The highest free standing volcano of the world and the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro is also often referred to as the ‘Roof top of Africa’. The name Kilimanjaro has continued to tease researchers and curious people with no consensus on its origin and meaning, but the mystery of this mountain continues with how amazingly the mountain can be climbed by any keen person on sound health, yet the highest point Uhuru Peak is 5895 meters above the sea level. Reaching the summit of this Massif does not require technical mountain climbing training or gear.

Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing popular Routes

We arrange Kilimanjaro Trekking tours to the Rotes Below:

  1. Marangu Route
  2. Machame Route
  3. Rongai Route

The most famous routes to used by hikers up mt Kilimanjaro are the Marangu Route often referred to as the Coca Cola Route and Machame Route referred to as the Whiskey Route. The other routes that have continued to gain popularity though they vary in technicalities of mountain climbing and hardship to climb includes, Rongai, Shira, Lemosho and Umbwe.

Accommodation along the Marangu Route is in Mountain huts and the only route with such accommodation. The rest are done by camping at mountain campsites throughout the hiking.

You may also consider climbing Mount Meru in Tanzania before you climb Mt Kilimanjaro as a way to prepare before you try to get to the rooftop of Africa.

Mount Kilimanjaro climbing prices

The number of days also varies on how fast you want to do it and from Route to route. The shortest hiking being the 5 days via Marangu Route. This route and any other route is however done best by allowing a day of acclimatization which reduces the chances of developing mountain health complications and also enhances the chances of reaching the ultimate goal, the Summit, Uhuru Point.

Mount Kilimanjaro climatic zones

No Matter which Route you choose, you are in for a climatic world tour from the tropics to the arctic and that’s what makes hiking mt Kilimanjaro the most beautiful and the most interesting mountain to hike up in the whole world. How the vegetation and the zones changes is absolutely amazing. From the warm lowlands of Moshi and Himo to the cultivated farm lands of the Chagga people who have lived on the slopes for decades the tour changes from lush montane forest to the moorland zone, to the surreal alpine desert and to the winter wonderland of snow and ice making the hike as mysterious as the name of the mountain.

You can contact us anytime on more about the route that you choose and we shall be happy to offer you our free advice and guidance.

Nothing satisfies like a safari in Tanzania combined with trekking Mt Kilimanjaro and ultimately ending up in the beaches of Zanzibar. This makes a trip to Tanzania just a complete African adventure. This superb combination quenches the desire to climb Kilimanjaro, travel to Africa for safari as well as visit the famous island of Zanzibar where the best beach vacation on the world can be experienced. A lot of travelers though would still travel to Tanzania just as a Kilimanjaro tour or a simple Kilimanjaro safari.

At Tanzania Safari Supremacy; we help your dream come true. With the help of our professional trained Mountain Guides we make sure that you make it to the top and ultimately realize your dream. Good food and enough water is vital for your success and that is why we always allocate more porters than any other outfitter so us to ensure that you have the best supply. The mountain cook is not just a cook but a professional cook, you mention it and he cooks it for you, adding more value to your adventure.

Please have a keen look at our detailed routes and let us know which one you prefer the most and you will be at the highest point on Mt Kilimanjaro; Uhuru Point, the highest peak of Africa!.

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