Serengeti Accommodation – We offer lodge safari in Tanzania apart from the budget camping tours. A Lodging safari in Tanzania is the most common and classic tour that many travelers take any time they visit. We at Tanzania Safari Supremacy offer you the much needed expert advise on what is best for you depending on your budget and preference. We offer safari tours that suits not only your need and ideas but also your pocket, and that are a good value for your money.

Lodges in Tanzania, Safari Tented Camps as well as hotels generally comes in different Categories / class but we can classify them as:

Luxury accommodations, Mid-range and Budget accommodation properties. Apart from these three categories commonly used, there are also what we call Deluxe accommodation that we use to prepare Top End Tours to those who want Top end luxury and are ready to spend that extra dollar.

Apparently many travelers confuse Tented Camps with camping safaris and tend to perceive that Tented Camps safaris are necessarily budget safaris. Tented Camps are categorized in the same class as safari lodges. Tented Camps offers tented room accommodation with many amenities and facilities just like a safari lodge. Rooms for example in Tented Camps have en suite bathrooms with showers and flash toilets just like in lodges. Tented camps also have complete bedding and other facilities like bath tubs in some luxury and deluxe properties. Not to forget electricity.

You may be interested to see how our Tanzania safari Serengeti package looks like and let us know what accommodation you would like us to include.

Our Safari consultants know the lodges and tented camps in Tanzania and Kenya very well and will be very ready to help you in picking up the best always. We only need to know from you which category you would like to pick or just you budget then everything will be sorted out by the consultants. Our safari experts conduct regular inspection tours (some of them impromptu), to make sure that we offer the best Serengeti accommodation to our clients.

We cannot outline all lodges and tented camps in Tanzania but for some few that we regularly use please follow the links here below.

We have sorted them out according to the Area that they are located or they cater for. Some lodges and tended camps are located inside the national parks and conservation areas while some are located outside. There are no lodges and tented camps inside the Ngorongoro Crater though. Neither is Camping allowed inside the Crater.