Going to Tanzania and Wondering what to wear on Tanzania Safari? If you are wondering of what you should wear or pack for your Tanzania safaris then note that the key to what to wear on a safari in Tanzania is Casual, comfortable clothes.

In the dry season when the Tanzania safari tours are at their peak, it is usually hot during the day and especially in the African Savannah plains like Serengeti National Park, Tarangire National Park, Ruaha , and Selous Game Reserve. It is therefore advisable to pack and wear lightweight layers in natural fabrics like cotton, linen, and bamboo which will not only help keep you cool but are also easier to wash and dry at the lodges/tented camps.

During the evenings and early morning on the other hand and more especially at the higher altitudes like Arusha (where most safari starts), and at the Ngorongoro Crater rim and the surrounding areas of Karatu for example, temperatures are low. It is therefore sensible to pack a warm jacket or fleece, and you can also consider a scarf, a pair of gloves and a warm hat.

When planning what to wear on Tanzania safari it is advisable to consider as much as possible wearing light colors, though white is not encouraged and more especially during the dry months because it can be quite dusty and so they will get dirty easily.

What to wear on a safari in Tanzania

What to Wear on Tanzania SafariTry as much as possible to avoid blue and black because it is believed they attract the Tsetse flies which spread the Nagana disease to animals and Sleeping Sickness to men, though the disease is no longer common in present Africa.

Remember Camouflage or military clothing is not legal and not permitted in Tanzania for wear by persons who are not members of the military (on duty) and the general public. To avoid getting into trouble with the Authorities it is advisable to avoid such clothing.

Dinner dress code while on a Tanzania Safari is generally casual and comfortable clothing, after all you are in Africa to enjoy the spending time below the African sky and enjoy listening to sounds and calls of the wild that is around you.

A Safari hat (can be bought on arrival in Tanzania), can come in handy especially during the sunny hot days and remember to carry a nice insect/mosquito repellent, as well as a nice pair of Sunglasses.

Walking shoes (comfortable ones) are important as the roads can be dusty and un even. Here below is a sample packing list for what to wear while on Tanzania Safari.

 A Sample Packing list of What to wear on Tanzania Safari.

Pairs of comfortable shorts
Pairs of cotton trousers,
Long-sleeved shirts,
Trouser khakis,
Light cargo outdoor pants
Pairs of socks.
Undergarments that include pairs of cotton menswear,
Pairs of cotton womenswear for ladies
Sports bras
Warm flannel pajamas
Sweatshirt or fleece jacket for early morning and evening wear
Light sandals
Hiking Boots if your tour includes a hike.
Safari hat with a chin belt that withstands winds,
A swimsuit for lodges and camps that has a pool
A very thin waterproof raincoat, especially if traveling to Tanzania during the rainy season.
Lightweight shoes (sneakers or light hiking boots)
Flip flops or sandals for use around the camp or in the shower.