Zanzibar Island – the name Zanzibar is derived from two words; one is ‘Zang’ which in Arabic means ‘rust’ that is supposed to mean ‘black’ and ‘bar’ which means ‘land’ in Arabic. Zanzibar; contrary to many people’s perception is not one Island but an archipelago made up of three main Islands of Unguja, Pemba Island and Mafia, as well as many other islets together making the semi autonomous part of the United Republic of Tanzania.

Unguja is the largest of all the islands and islets with its capital at Stonetown and it is informally referred to as Zanzibar. Anytime people say they are going to Zanzibar they actually mean Unguja Island.

Zanzibar Island is famous for its finest pristine beaches, and renowned all over the world for the rich history, the welcoming nature of the habitants and great diving and snorkeling sites. The beaches of Bwejuu and Pongwe sides of the Island for example were recently recognized as some of the best beaches of the world. Apart from the palm fringed beaches Zanzibar Island is famous for the spice plantations that were introduced decades ago by foreigners making Zanzibar with the numerous islands and islets to be referred sometimes as the Spice Islands.

We arrange Zanzibar tours and Zanzibar beach vacations independently but the trend has now changed and more and more people are preferring to combine Safaris in Mainland Tanzania, both North and South Tanzania with extensions at Zanzibar. More visitors to Tanzania are also combining Mount Kilimanjaro with Safari and Zanzibar thus making more and more famous the notion that Tanzania is ‘The land of Serengeti, Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar!

We at Tanzania Safari Supremacy are at the ground with offices at Arusha in mainland Tanzania but also in Zanzibar Island. We know the Island and the hotels in Zanzibar first hand. We will always listen to your wishes but also depending on your description of your desired hotel, we can also recommend the hotels to match your needs and ideas.

Hotels in Zanzibar are classified in two major locations; hotels on the beach and those at Stonetown. In both areas we have a range of Luxury hotels to choose from, mid-range and budget hotels. There is a whole range of style and there are boutique hotels, large resorts, smaller ‘bungalows’, and lodge like properties but we know them well and would always give you the most needed advise on the best places to be depending on your preferences.

The Hotels in Zanzibar price wise comes in basically 5 categories as below:

– Budget accommodations – Ranging from 30 USD – 45 USD per person per night on Bed and Breakfast.

– Mid range accommodations – Ranging from 50 – 100 US Dollars per person per night both Bed and Breakfast and Half board basis which includes Dinner.

– Upper Mid range accommodations – Ranging from 120 – 150 USD per person per night including breakfast and Dinner. These are about 4 to 4.5 Star in the international standards like the ones you can find in the first world destinations in Europe and the Americas.

– Luxury Accommodations – At Zanzibar you will find 5 Star Resorts and boutique hotels with first class facilities and service.

Please contact our experts for a few suggestions if you do not have any hotel in mind and you will never regret choosing us for your Zanzibar beach vacation or Safari in Tanzania and Zanzibar Beach Combination.

We also arrange the various tours on offer at Zanzibar Island;

1.     Spice plantation tours – We have formulated a special tour to the historical plantations guided by our very competent fluent English speaking guides. Other languages also available on request.

2.     Dolphin toursto the Southern beaches at Kizimkazi. You will have the chance to see the dolphins and the rare chance to swim with these amazing aquatic creatures in their natural settings. Where in the world would you get such a chance?

3.     Jozani forest – This is also another place of interest where you can get the chance to see the indigenous Red Colubus Monkeys, known in Swahili as the ‘Kima Punju’

4.     Stonetown tours – To give the traveler the chance to experience the unique Stone town which has now been declared a world heritage site by the United Nations body; UNESCO we also arrange a Stonetown tour that takes you through the old alleys of this ancient town leading to the most remarkable sites including the People’s Palace, Arab fort, the Cathedrals, and the House of wonders.

5.     Prison Island tour – You get a chance to visit the Changuu Island also referred to as the Prison Island for a full day with your lunch included.

6.     Safari blue – A combination of culture, water, beach and the culinary adventure like no other in the world; you will spend the day sailing and seeing the Island with the locals.

7.     Jambiani Village tour  – For a cultural experience of the Bantu speaking people of ‘Swahili tribe’ we organize visits to the Jambiani in the South East Coast of Zanzibar.

If you are planning on your next visit to Zanzibar and Tanzania for safari and beach just heed to our advise look no further… just contact our experts for your dream tour.

Among tours that we have on our website that include a visit to Zanzibar beach include the following;

08 Days Tanzania Safari and Zanzibar

14 Days Safari Tanzania and beach Zanzibar (Two weeks)

14 Days Tanzania Family Holidays | With Kids

We can also customize any safari tour, and or our Kilimanjaro climbing tours and include a visit to the Zanzibar Island for beach holiday.