Lake Manyara National Park – Located below the Great Rift Valley escarpments the Lake Manyara National Park is a small beautiful national park some 105 kilometers from Arusha town. This small park covers an area of 330 kilometers of which 110 kilometers square is land and the rest is covered by the lake.

The name Manyara was derived from a Masai word that literally bears the name of acacia trees ‘tortillas tirucalli’, which the Masai nomadic tribes uses to make cattle confinements and home stead boundaries.

Animals and bird life of Lake Manyara National Park

With underground water streams the Forests are throughout the year making a perfect habitat for the baboons, monkeys and the elephants.

The lake itself is a perfect habitat for the hippos and many aquatic birds including the flamingos, pelicans, Egyptian geese, ibises etc.

What makes small national park even more famous is the legendary tree climbing lions. If you are lucky you will get the chance to witness these extra ordinary cats on tree branches in the afternoon taking a nap. There have been arguments as to the reasons why some lions climb the trees, but the most convincing has been that the animals escape the disturbance of flies on the ground.

Other animals that you can spot in Lake Manyara National Park includes the giraffes, hippos, waterbuck, bushbuck, sitatungas, gazelles, impalas, wildebeests buffaloes, dikdiks and many others.

Please let us know if you want to visit this national park in your next visit to Tanzania and we shall be happy to include it in your safari program.

Lake Manyara National Park lodges and accommodation

Some of the lodges and tented camps around lake Manyara includes:

Lake Manyara Serena Lodge,

Lake Manyara Tree Lodge

Escarpment Lake Manyara Lodge

Rift Valley Lodge, Lake Manyara

Lake Manyara Hotel

Kirurumu Tented Camp

Losirwa Tented Camp

Nsya Lodge

Manyara Tree Lodge

Tloma Lodge

Bougainvillea safari Lodge

Lake Manyara Hotel

Some of the safaris that include the Lake Manyara National parks includes the 4 days Safaris to Tanzania (Tembo Safari) on our sample packages.