There are at least 5 safari destinations near Dar es Salaam where you can visit for safari.  The best wildlife safari destinations that you can visit from Dar es Salaam include Nyerere National Park (formerly Selous Game Reserve), Mikumi National Park, and Ruaha National Park. The two less visited parks include Saadani national Park that borders the shores of Indian Ocean and the Udzungwa Mountain National Park where you can hike to the waterfalls while spotting some of the rare primates and small forest animals.

5 Best Safari Destinations from Dar es Salaam

The 5 best safari destinations that you can visit starting and finishing at Dar es Salaam include the below national parks and reserves;

  1. Mikumi National Park
  2. Nyerere National Park (formerly the Selous Game Reserve)
  3. Ruaha National Park
  4. Udzungwa Mountains National park
  5. Saadani National Park
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Tanzania Safari Packages from Dar es Salaam

safaris from Dar es SalaamThe most famous safari tours from Dar es Salaam are the short safaris to Selous Game Reserve and short safaris to Mikumi National Park. Despite the distances, one can easily do a 2 days safari in Mikumi National Park starting from Dar Es Salaam or a 2 days safari to Selous (Nyerere National Park) through the new Kisarawe road that was recently paved making Selous 3 hours drive from Dar es Salaam especially during the drier months. All though one can do a 2 day safari tour from Dar es Salaam to to these parks, 3 Days and two nights safari to Selous or Mikumi is usually better and more rewarding with wildlife spotting opportunity.

Best time to do safari from Dar es Salaam

Most parks in Southern Tanzania are still underdeveloped when it comes to road networks inside the parks, albeit the recent increased efforts by the Government of Tanzania to open up the less visited parks in both Southern Tanzania and Western Tanzania safari circuit.

The best time to tour the parks from Dar es Salaam is during the drier season, due to the road being more passable but also because wildlife safaris and animal spotting is always better during the drier months between July and early October. Long rains season of April to May is to be avoided if possible. June , October to December is an Okay time to visit the parks near Dar es Salaam like Selous and Mikumi National Park but also Ruaha National Park. January to Md March is another great period for safaris in the parks near Dar es Salaam.


What are the most famous Safari tours from Dar es Salaam?

Below you can sample a few of the best safari tours that we offer starting and finishing at Dar es Salaam. They are listed in no particular order. Our able Tanzania safari experts can however tailor make and customize safari tours of any length from Dar es Salaam to either Southern Tanzania parks, or even to Northern Tanzania parks including a visit to the more famous parks in Tanzania; Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire & Lake Manyara National Parks.

Most safaris from Dar es Salaam can also be offered as Tanzania Safaris from Zanzibar. Many parks that are accessible from Dar es Salaam can be toured starting from Zanzibar with the facilitation of a short 20 minutes flight or Ferries ply that Zanzibar – Dar es Salaam Route. The Ferry takes about 2 hours and it should be booked in advanced.

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Best Safari Destinations Near Dar es Salaam