Last minute Safari from Zanzibar is one thing we do best! With more people booking their Zanzibar beach vacations online the need for safaris that start from Zanzibar Island came up more and more and that is why we decided to introduce our safari packages that start from Zanzibar. It is clear that Zanzibar is an island and it is known more for its beautiful white beaches and not much of wildlife safari goes on in the island though the island boasts of a wildlife area known as the Jozani forest, which is famous for its endemic red colobus monkeys. Our safaris from Zanzibar therefore mostly take you to the proper national parks of mainland Tanzania where you can explore the famous hot spots of Northern Tanzania safari Circuit or the nearby Southern Tanzania Safari circuit.

One such short safaris that we offer in the Northern Tanzania safari circuit from Zanzibar with the facilitation of a return flight is our 3 days safari in the Serengeti National Park, but also our 3 days safari to Tarangire, Ngorongoro and Lake Manyara which we offer with a return flight from Zanzibar to Arusha the capital of all safaris in Northern Tanzania!

Southern Tanzania Safari from Zanzibar, last minute safari Tanzania

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Mikumi Safari Starting from Zanzibar

Our Southern Tanzania Safaris from Zanzibar can be facilitated with transfer to Zanzibar by ferry if you want to do it on budget but also we can arrange flights for you either to Dar es Salaam where you can take a road safari or flights directly to the parks and reserves. As for safaris to the Northern Tanzania Parks you need flights to the parks, Arusha or Kilimanjaro International Airport.

We offer airport transfers to Stonetown where you can take a flight straight to Serengeti to do a safari tour from Zanzibar to Serengeti, or Safari from Zanzibar to Selous which are the most common tours from Zanzibar but also Safaris to Ruaha National Park from Zanzibar. From Zanzibar and incorporating flights you can do also a combination of parks like Serengeti and Ngorongoro or even more parks and also a safari combing parks in the Southern Safari Circuit of Tanzania like a combination of Mikumi National Park and Selous Game Reserve, or Ruaha National Park and Mikumi National Park. Apart from our set Safari samples we can always customize a special safari package for you from Zanzibar Island as well as Mafia or even Pemba Island.

Tanzania Safari Packages from Zanzibar

Our Safari packages from Zanzibar ranges from short 3 days to longer programs and we can customize the tours for you always to suit your budget and to last the number of days that you have available. The tours can start and finish at Zanzibar or start from Zanzibar and end wherever you wish depending on whether your are departing back home after the safari or not. Depending on your preference you can finish at Kilimanjaro, or Dar es Salaam if departing back home from the said airports. If you would like to have a full Tanzania safari and Zanzibar beach package, we can easily customize a tour that will suit both your needs and budget but also your ideas.

Our Zanzibar Safaris can be done as Camping safaris , or staying in budget lodging, mid range lodging, standard luxury lodging or even deluxe and super luxury lodging.

Some of the tours that can be offered from Zanzibar Island either by flight or by Ferry and then by road includes the short safaris here below.

02 Days Safari from Zanzibar

03 Days Safari to Serengeti from Zanzibar

03 days Selous Safari from Zanzibar

03 Days Safari to Selous Game Reserve from Zanzibar

05 Days Mikumi & Selous Safari from Zanzibar

04 Days Serengeti and Ngorongoro Safari from Zanzibar Island.