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A safari in Tanzania uncovers the premier safari destination in the world; the Serengeti National Park and its expansive plains, the largest un-broken but un-flooded caldera in the world which is the famous Ngorongoro Crater, the Great Wildebeest Migration, and the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro. Enjoy your bush lunch next to a hippo filled watering hole at Ngorongoro, spot the legendary tree-climbing lion in Lake Manyara, and watch as massive tusked elephants amble about Tarangire Plains and the Serengeti on a once-in-a-lifetime safari.

Tanzania is the greatest legendary destination and the country offers travelers the opportunity to experience first hand the Nomadic Maasai tribe’s culture, amazing animal viewing, and epic climbs up Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s largest mountain and the world’s highest free-standing mountain. All this and more, you can add a few days on the beaches of Zanzibar Island and you are in for a truly magical African adventure. Get in touch with us to get a free personalized itinerary designed by our Tanzania safari experts.

Top 10 Best Tanzania Safaris & Tours of 2019-2020

5 days Tanzania safari

5 Day Safari Tanzania

From $1,465

This package is our typical 5 day safari Tanzania that includes game viewing (wildlife game drives) in all the 5 days. This means that you will go on a guided safari in all the 5 days you will be on this Tanzania safari.

8 days safari and zanzibar

8 Days Safari and Beach Zanzibar

From $2,354

Our 08 Days Safari and Beach Zanzibar is the shortest ‘Bush and Beach’ package that we recommend. For someone who has only about a week or so and you would like to get both the safari experience and the magic of the Spice Island of Zanzibar then this probably the best package for you.

Serengeti safari Zanzibar beach

10 days Serengeti Safari and Zanzibar

From $2,940

Doing Safari in Serengeti Tanzania and Zanzibar Beach is a sure way to visit Tanzania and make the most of the short time you have and our 10 Days Tanzania and Zanzibar special offer package is a balanced program to do so.

10 days safari

14 Day Tanzania Safari and Zanzibar Beach

From $3,428

This is our typical sample for a two weeks Safari and Zanzibar. If you are planning a two weeks’ vacation in Africa, you and your partners or for your family then this is the most ideal safari package.

6 days safari Tanzania

6 Day Big Five Safari Tanzania

From $1,755

If looking for a 6 day safari in Tanzania then that is just about the right time you should be spending on a wildlife safari tour in Tanzania.

4 days safari Serengeti ngorongoro

4 Days Safari Ngorongoro & Serengeti

From $1,245

This 4 Days Safari Tanzania tour is by far our most famous and travelers most sought after tour in Tanzania and quite understandingly so because it takes you to the most famous wildlife areas in Tanzania.

10 days Kenya Tanzania safari

10 Day Kenya, Tanzania Safari & Zanzibar

From $2,626

This East Africa Safari and Zanzibar Island Package is designed for the one timer traveler to East Africa who would like to experience as much as possible, because he or she is most probably doing it as a once in a lifetime thing.

Mount Kilimanjaro and Safari

12 Day Climb Kilimanjaro & Tanzania safari

From $3,790

Now offering Mount Kilimanjaro and Safari tour, you can combine climbing the Mount Kilimanjaro through any route of your choice with your preferred safari in Tanzania.

Top 10 Safari Lodges & Camps of 2019-2020

Serengeti Serena Lodge

Serengeti Serena Lodge

serengeti tortillis camp

Serengeti Tortilis Camp

Country Lodge inn

Country Lodge Karatu

Sangaiwe Camp

Sangaiwe Tented Lodge

Get Inspired to Explore Tanzania

Lodge Safaris

Lodge Safaris

camping safari

Camping Safari

Tanzania Safaris at a Glance

Pack your bags and please don’t forget to park your camera and enough batteries as you prepare for your safari expedition in Tanzania. As the fierce African sun stretches across the savanna plains, you will have rare opportunities to witness and experience a charming, yet simpler way of life.

On any of our Tanzania tours, you will get the chance to see the magnificent wildlife that call the Serengeti plains their home. As you go on your African safari, stay alert for sights of the supreme lions, towering giraffes, the lethargic hippos, and a variety of other interesting savannah wildlife.

Along the way, you’ll also get the chance to visit Maasai villages, learn some of their traditions and culture, and walk with them in their day-to-day activities. On our Classic Tanzania Safari, you will meet shepherds and cattle herders who tend their sheep, cattle and goats, in the world’s largest unbroken volcanic caldera, the famous Ngorongoro Crater.

For the adventurous in body and soul, a hike up the slopes of the mighty Mount Kilimanjaro via the Machame Route will astound you with its stunning views of the African savannah plains below and the ever changing  vegetation and climate zones as you ascend to impressive heights.

Your Tanzania expedition will rightly re-define how you think of the sprawling African continent!.

Tanzania Fact Sheet

  • Tanzania is home to the Africa’s tallest mountain, Mount. Kilimanjaro, which rises to an altitude of 5895 meters above sea level approx. 19,341 feet.
  • Tanzania has more than 120 tribes (ethnic groups).
  • Among exports from Tanzania include gold, cotton, coffee and cashew nuts.
  • Tourism is the highest source of foreign revenue for Tanzania.
  • Approximately 80% of Tanzania’s population lives by subsistence farming or traditional fishing.
  • Tanzania is the home to the most famous park; Serengeti National Park, where large herds of wildebeest and zebras can be spotted.
  • Zanzibar in Tanzania is the home to the largest crab in the world – the coconut crab.

Tanzania Safaris at a Glance

Safari Camps
Serengeti Tortilis Camp – A perfect comfort category safari camp in the heart of Serengeti National Park, the most famous wildlife area in Africa.

Country Lodge Karatu – Located on the outskirts of Karatu near Ngorongoro’s main gate, Country Lodge is situated in the middle of Northern Tanzania’s green belt district and farming community.

Ngorongoro Farm House – Ngorongoro Farm House at Karatu is one of the best comfort farm lodges in Tanzania. The lodge is a convenient night stop for people touring the Ngorongoro Crater & Lake Manyara National Park.

Sangaiwe Tented Lodge – a comfortable safari tented camp at the edge of Tarangire National Park with great views over the plains and Lake Burunge. Best spot to view the baobabs and the massive elephant herds.

Ndutu Safari Lodge – Well located in the Ndutu Plains within the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, where the Wildebeests Migration herds concentrates during the months of December through March for calving.

Serengeti Serena Lodge – Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge is a nice standard luxury lodge located in Central Serengeti National Park. Set on a hill with amazing views of the Savannah grasslands of the vast national park of Serengeti.

Ngorongoro Serena Lodge – This is one of a handful lodges built on the rim of the world’s largest caldera. Ngorongoro Serena Safari Lodge is an excellent lodge for visitors of all ages. A great child-friendly property in the NCAA.

Which Wildlife to Expect in Tanzania (by region)

Lake Manyara: Giraffes, Zebras, Buffalo, Baboons, Lions, Elephant, Impalas, HippoDik Diks.

Ngorongoro: Black rhino, Leopard, Buffalo, Bat eared fox, Cheetah, Silver backed jackals, Eland, Elephant, Hippo, Lion, Topi, Hartebeests

Serengeti: Black rhino, Buffalo, Topis, Hartebeests, Gazelles, Cheetah, Eland, Elephant, Hippo, Leopard, Lion, Pangolins, Wildebeests.

Tarangire: Oryx, Buffalo, Gerenuks, Cheetah, Eland, Elephant, Giraffe, Hippo, Leopard, Lion

Selous: Wild dog, Buffalo, Kudu, Eland, Elephant, Kudu, Hippo, Leopard, Lion, Gazelles, Impalas, Wildebeests

Best Time to Take a Tanzania Safari

Tanzania is a good safari destination to visit at any time of the year, with peak season from June through February.


Luckily, June through February are as well the best months to visit the islands of Zanzibar, while March through May are the least popular times to visit Zanzibar because that is the long rains season in Tanzania and the Islands of Zanzibar but also East Africa at large.


Mt. Kilimanjaro treks are always in season! However if you can avoid April-May when the rains are at their peak in East Africa, then it is always good to avoid climbing at that time.

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Tanzania FAQs

Tanzania requires 6-months of validity on a passport, at lest one blank page on the passport and a tourist visa, which can be obtained online or purchased at the airport upon arrival.
Feel free to tip your safari guide a tip of at least $ 25 per day or more based on the quality of your tour and your satisfaction on his services. You will need to tip him only at the end of the tour though, because that is what is recommended. You may otherwise leave marginal or small tips in hotels and restaurants after you have been served. Tips are usually appreciated but not absolutely compulsory.
Access to internet during safari in Tanzania has really improved in the recent years. Areas where there was poor internet and network reception in the past now have 4 G lite internet signal with most major internet providers like Airtel, Tigo, and Vodacom. You can buy a local SIM card and use to tither while on safari. Most lodges & tented camps now have WIFI in at least the common areas like the bar and restaurants.

Yes you can use a cellphone in most of the parts of Tanzania, including the national parks. It is worth noting though that some remote areas of the park might be far from the network towers/masts and reception can be poor or non at all.

Yes you do, depending on which country you coming from and what type of sockets you use back home. The national power grid in Tanzania is 220-240v, that means that you will need a converter for any 110v gadgets that can not handle the higher voltage. Depending on where you are, you will also come across both Type G (BS-1363) plugs and Type D (BS-546) power outlets, which may require converters. Otherwise in Tanzania most power outlets are the 3-Pin British style sockets.

Most Tanzanian accommodations (tented camps, inns. Hotels & lodges) will offer the western style bowl toilet that flushes. However depending on where you are travelling to within Tanzania and how remote the area is, It’s possible that you’ll encounter a squat toilet.

Generally tap water in Tanzania can not be declared as safe to drink. It is therefore advisable to only drink the filtered or bottled water provided to you by your safari or mountain climbing tour operator.

On your Tanzania Safari you probably won’t find any ATMs at the parks, except for major towns along the way like Arusha town, Moshi, Dar es Salaam if going to Southern Tanzania, and Karatu if touring Northern Safari circuit in Tanzania. We therefore advise that one gets enough money in USD, that you can change to local currency on arrival before departing for safari. Limited amount withdrawals can also be done in major towns but that can only be in local TSH currency. Most lodges and camps as well as curio shops currently accept all major credit cards. That is one of things that should clear your fears. Please also note that your Tanzania safari, includes all three meals everyday so no need to worry. With enough cash for any tips or souvenirs you are good to go and are set for the trip.

Sure! It’s a precaution that you will hopefully never use anyway, but it can save you lots of dollars incase of anything. It is a great precaution to buy one before setting off for your Tanzania safari.