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Welcome to the official blog of Tanzania Safari Supremacy. Licensed Planners Operators of Tanzania Safaris and Tours.

Today we are glad to launch Tanzania’s safari blog. If you plan on coming to Tanzania whether for the first time or not, you will find our blog useful and interesting. We shall keep on updating you on the new developments that are directly related to your time of travel to Tanzania, these will include the best activities for the season, the political atmosphere, budgets and planning tips as influenced by changing economic conditions in Tanzania, We shall also explore various health issues that one may need to look out for depending on ones country of Origin and perhaps age and how to make your stay as comfortable and exciting as possible for people of all ages and people with medical conditions.

Here you can get to ask questions that will be answered by hundreds of fellow tourists who visit our site especially those who have been to Tanzania. Our own Safari experts will be available for interaction on every topic. This is truly a positive step towards making Tanzania travel better  and more interactive as always we shall continue to lead the tourism market to a better place

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