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Tanzania Safaris Supremacy is our trade name and we welcome you to Tanzania! Safaris in Tanzania is what we do best so if you are planning your first or next trip to Tanzania for your African Safari or Zanzibar Beach Vacation or even to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro; look no further! We have been in this business for a great deal of time now and we are among the best rated tour Operators for your Tanzania Travel needs. Apart from Tanzania Safari Packages we also offer combined Safaris and Zanzibar, Tanzania and Kenya Safaris and no matter whether you are traveling on budget or looking for that deluxe luxury safari in Tanzania or Kenya, we have got something that will suit your needs and ideas.

Our website as well as our Travel experts offers free advice to all on the best time to visit Tanzania, when and where to go, how safe it is to go to Tanzania for safaris as the best options for Tanzania safari tours.  We have been offering budget, mid range and luxury tours and safaris to couples, groups, students, honeymooners and families alike and are well experienced enough to guarantee you of the greatest African experience you have ever dreamt of. As our motto says ‘you dream it, we make it happen’.

Tanzania Safari Packages

We offer the best wildlife tours in Tanzania to the best Northern parks including the famous Serengeti, Tarangire, Lake Manyara and Arusha National Park, as well as the world famous Ngorongoro Crater also referred to the 8th Wonder of the world. Southern Tanzania safaris are not left out and we offer safaris from Dar es Salaam to Mikumi National Park, Selous Game Reserve, Ruaha National Park as well as Hiking tours in the beautiful Udzungwa Mountains National Park, all for very competitive prices.

Affordable Tanzania Safari tours Prices

 Tanzania safari prices depend on a number of factors. The factors that determine the cost of safari in Tanzania includes the number of persons coming with you in your group, because generally the more participants the lower the price person sharing. This is mainly because of the shared costs that are involved like vehicle cost, the guides’ salary, and other costs like the Ngorongoro Crater fees where applicable. The same principle applies to the cost for climbing Mt Kilimanjaro because of shared costs like guides, cooks and porters charges.

Another factor that determines the cost of a safari tour in Tanzania is the period of travel with the dry months; being the peak safari season thus costing higher than safaris during the green season including the month of April and May.

Accommodation is another factor, perhaps the most crucial in determining the price for a safari package. Accommodations on Safari comes in three styles; lodges, tented camps and basic camping. Lodges and tented camps come in the same categories being budget, mid range, the luxury option and the up market or supper deluxe. All categories come in similar rates with tented camps and safari lodges having similar prices so the difference is only the style. Lodges involves staying walled (concrete) rooms while tented camps involves staying in the ‘out of Africa’ style tented rooms though just like the lodges they have en suite toilets and bathrooms with overhead showers. Most of lodges and tented camps’ have hot water showers.

Camping Safari Tours in Tanzania

Camping safaris involves staying the dome shaped canvass tents which we provide to those who prefer doing a basic camping safari in Tanzania being for the fun and adventure love or because of budget issues. We provide basically all the gear for the camping with an exception of a sleeping bag which you can choose to carry yours from home or hire one from us for a small fee payable once for the whole safari. Basic camping safaris do not involve sleeping on beds but rather on the sleeping pads that we provide. A professional safari guide accompanies you while on your safari and he/ she prepares fresh foods for you as well as helping in pitching the tents at the various campsites that you will be staying overnight.

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We are based on the ground at Arusha in Tanzania and that is why we   guarantee the best safaris in Tanzania at the most affordable prices!

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