A Lioness Nosikitok nurses a Leopard Cub in Tanzania
lioness leopard cub Tanzania

A rare sighting of a Lioness nursing a weeks old leopard cub has left tourists and conservation enthusiasts and specialists both shocked and awe struck. Seasoned conservationists have said it is a rare occurring and a sighting that has never been spotted in the world. This occurred in the Ndutu Plains which administratively is located in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCAA) in Tanzania, East Africa. The first photos started appearing in the internet in the last two weeks and now the travel blogs and news websites are already awash with photos of both the suckling leopard cub suckling a lioness called Nosikitok and other photos showing the gorgeous cub walking away after suckling its belly full from a lioness something that is very unusual given the animosity that is usually the norm between the two Panthera class members; the lions and leopards. Lions are a scientifically classified as ‘Panthera Leo’ while the leopards are classified as ‘Panthera Pardus’ both from the Panthera genus of the family; Felidae.

Animosity between Lions and Leopards

It is not a rare sighting while on a Tanzania safari tour to spot a lion especially male lions maiming the cubs of a leopard or those of a cheetah, and the moment the other member’s of the lioness’s pride spots the little leopard cub, many zoologists and wildlife conservation specialists believe that, that will be the end of this amazing story. That they are bound to kill it.

Rare Animals and wildlife adoptions by lioness

This is not the first rare animal adoption because one such incidence shocked the world when a lioness in the Samburu National Park in Kenya once adopted a baby oryx which was a marvel for safari goers and wildlife conservationists alike. The Lioness spent days hungry as it lay down watching over the little fragile antelope and it was in fact spotted very week with hunger after spending days, not in a hurry to leave the baby oryx.  That was way back in the year 2002 but those memories still linger in wildlife conservation enthusiasts minds until to date.

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