Zanzibar News Blast Zanzibar, a popular tourist destination known for its pristine beaches and rich cultural heritage, has recently implemented a new infrastructure tax aimed at generating revenue for development projects. The tax, which affects hotel accommodation, has sparked debates within the tourism and hospitality industry. Zanzibar New Infrastructure Tax Fees The Zanzibar government, through its Minister for Finance and Planning, Ms Saada Mkuya Salum, introduced the new infrastructure tax as part of the 2023-24 budgetary proposals. The primary aim of this tax is to generate revenue to fund infrastructure development projects in the region. The government asserts that the

Tanzania is one of the best safari destinations on the African continent and ranks in the 10th position in Africa after a survey that was carried out by the Travel and Tourism Competitive Index in 2019. Recent polls held by have ranked Tanzania as the number one safari country in Africa for 7 years now in a row, with Serengeti National Park ranked as the number one park in Africa for several years now by the World Travel Awards poll. Tanzania has a lot of attractions that include National Parks, historical and geological sites and not forgetting pristine beaches

Tanzania is the mecca of wildlife safaris and it is Okay to go on safari with kids in Tanzania! Contrary to some misleading theories; Tanzania safari is both enjoyable and safe for children as long as you go on a pre-arranged, tailor-made Tanzania safari tour, like the ones that we arrange at Tanzania Safari Supremacy. Tailor Made safaris in Tanzania allows for you to give out all your finer details to the safari experts prior to your travel. Information that includes ages of the children and together with the travel experts, you will agree on a desired room configuration but

You do not need to do any COVID 19 PCR test when you travel from Zanzibar Island to the mainland Tanzania like Arusha or Dar es Salaam or back to Zanzibar. That is the straight and direct answer for that question that has been bothering travelers for a while. PCR Test for travelling from Zanzibar to Mainland Tanzania and Vice Versa?. For anyone who arrives into Zanzibar from abroad, they are required to show a negative PC test result at the airport in Zanzibar International Airport. The same applies to anyone who arrives to any international airport in Mainland Tanzania

Can you go on safari from Zanzibar? The answer is; Absolutely! You can do a short or long safari starting from Zanzibar to all the famous national parks in mainland Tanzania! We include short flights or 30 minutes to Dar es Salaam for southern Tanzania safaris, including a visit to Mikumi National Park, Nyerere National Park (formerly Selous), Udzungwa National Park or even the far flung Ruaha National Park. For Nyerere National Park ( Selous safari) and Ruaha National Park, we can arrange direct flights from Zanzibar to the airstrips located in the parks, using domestic bush flight companies. For

Can I get tested for COVID 19 while on Tanzania Safari? That’s a regular question that we are getting from people who are planning to take a safari tour in the Tanzania National Parks during this period of the Covid – 19 pandemic. The answer is; Yes you can be tasted while on safari in Tanzania. It is official that now you can get a PCR test done from  Seronera in Central Serengeti National Park. The samples can be taken in Central Serengeti without any prior notice if you present yourself in Seronera Village any time from 08.00 hrs to

It is never compulsory to tip while on your Tanzania safari tour, but is customary to tip the people that make your Tanzania safari a success! This guide is to help make your life easier, next time you visit Tanzania for your safari or beach vacation. Having a rough idea on what to expect in regards to tipping in Tanzania will definitely help alienate some of the awkward moments that you may encounter during your safari. As per above introduction, tipping in Tanzania is not a must but is highly customary and therefore highly expected but also highly appreciated by

A notice titled ‘PARK FEES AMENDMENT NOTICE, dated 26th August 2020, and addressed to the Executive Secretary; Tanzania Association of Tour Operators (TATO) and the Executive Director HAT, indicates that there is an amendment to the Park fees in Tanzania National Parks by the Government of Tanzania through the Ministry Natural Resources and Tourism (MNRT). The notice with reference number: AE 119/294/01 states that; Starting the 1st July 2021, the park entry fees for Tanzania National Parks that are managed by Tanzania National Parks (Ngorongoro Crater not included) will rise by an average of USD 10 per person with VAT

What are the big five, where to see them, their population For anyone organizing an African safari, or specifically a Tanzania safari tour, I believe you are familiar with the phrase Big Five as this is the most prevalently used phrase while marketing Africa’s wildlife safari tourism. In fact most of the tour agents and Safari Company will use this term to describe the diverse wildlife species found in the various national parks as well as game reserves across the continent. It is with no doubt that most of the holiday makers that visit this beautiful continent come to see

In this guide we bring you all the possible questions that you might have in mind about how safe is it to travel on a Tanzania Safari Post COVID-19. It includes answers on why visit Tanzania now, is Tanzania safe, what to expect, which safety guidelines to follow, what to do, and where to stay. In March 2020, Tanzania registered its index COVID-19 Case and over the past months the Tanzanian government together with its ministry of Health has fought a good fight to see that they protect the people of Tanzania as well as all its guests. The country