Connecting Southern Tanzania and Northern Tanzania Safari Circuit is now a reality. Starting 1st June 2017, Coastal aviation is introducing flights connecting Serengeti and Ruaha National Park with further connections to Selous and ultimately to Zanzibar. Whilst Coastal aviation been very successful linking Dar es Salaam to Selous Game Reserve, to Ruaha National Park and back to Dar es Salaam, but they haven’t been less successful in linking Ruaha National Park with the Northern Safari Circuit. Connecting Southern Tanzania and Northern Tanzania Starting June 2017 From that 1st June 2017, Coastal Aviation who are the aviation heavyweights as far as

The Tanzania Safari Calendar is changing fast as far as the Wildebeests Migration (also referred as the Great Migration), is concerned. Solomon one of our best safari guides and excellent wildlife spotters (not to mention one of our best bird watching guides) has just  returned from a 6 Days  Safari in the Northern Tanzania which included also the Serengeti National Park. You might be interested in our wildebeests migration safari specials here below; 8 days calving safari in Tanzania, Wildebeests migration 6 days wildebeests migration safari in Tanzania Special Offer It was a customized 6 days safari for a couple

Doing a Tanzania Safari is by no doubt one of the best ways to spend a holiday in the most recent days. Tanzania as vacation destination has in the recent past become more and more popular the world over as visitors continue to trickle in from all corners of the world. Leave alone the traditional origins of visitors to Tanzania; the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States of America, and Italy, but Tanzania is registering visitors from far flung regions of the world including Australia, Canada and the Far East, including China, and Japan. Tanzania safaris are mostly self promoting

Safaris in Tanzania – Not only a Serengeti and Ngorongoro affair. Is what a Safari in Tanzania should be, if travelers were advised properly. I don’t blame travelers anyway… When any one in the world starts contemplating on an idea to do an African Safari in Tanzania what comes to his/he mind is visiting Serengeti National Park and the largest unbroken Caldera and Natural Zoo , The Ngorongoro Crater. The second thing that comes to mind is  the “am I going to see Mt Kilimanjaro” mega question. Yes you might see Kilimanjaro if it is clear when you arrive in